Greasing a Trailer Hitch Can Flip Right into a Messy Job if You are Not Cautious

To grease a trailer or to not grease a trailer hitch? That’s the query. Some RV homeowners think about it a necessary a part of routine trailer upkeep whereas others assume it’s too messy to trouble with. It could actually grow to be fairly a messy job when greasing your trailer’s ball hitch. Sufficient so that’s turns into a significant con and folks want to keep away from it regardless of the advantages.

Advantages od greasing your trailer hitch

A potentially greased trailer hitch connecting a horse trailer.
Hitching a trailer | Getty Photos

Drivin’ & Vibin’ acknowledges the objections surrounding greasing a trailer hitch however assume the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. You’re more likely to agree the primary time you’re having fun with the peace and fairly of an idyllic campsite when a journey trailer with a screeching hitch pulls in subsequent to you.


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