How A lot Does Wooden Range Set up Price? (2022)

Wood Stove Installation Cost


  • Typical Vary: $325 to $4,000

Putting in a wooden range can utterly change the ambiance of a room. A wood-burning range gives an extra heating supply and creates a welcoming, cozy glow. In response to Angi and HomeAdvisor, putting in a wood-burning range prices from $325 to $4,000, relying on the dimensions and kind of the wooden range, the set up location, the range’s capability, the entire set up time, and the complexity of the job. A wooden range’s advantages embody higher warmth than from a hearth and a number of accessible placement choices all through the house. Hearth security must be a prime precedence with wooden range set up. Safety for the ground and partitions and correct air flow are vital for wooden range installations as properly. The addition of heat-resistant supplies and inspection charges to make sure compliance with native constructing codes and wooden range producer specs can enhance the worth of set up.

Labor to put in a wooden range runs from $250 to $800. Labor pricing sometimes consists of chimney building, range becoming, a air flow system, wall coverings, and a fire pad, though some wooden range installers might cost individually for these objects. The kind of wooden range may even affect the labor prices, as will any masonry work, the complexity of the set up job, and any needed repairs. This information will study the elements that have an effect on wooden range price, the varieties of wooden stoves and the advantages of putting in one, and a few regularly requested questions on wooden range set up price.

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Components in Calculating Wooden Range Set up Price

How a lot does it price to put in a wooden range? Wooden range costs for set up are sometimes lower than fire set up prices, however the general expense relies on a number of elements. The pricing can differ from the nationwide common on account of range kind, materials, and model; heating capability; chimney and liner set up; range pipe set up; set up location; native labor prices; and allow charges.

Range Kind

Owners can select between three varieties of wooden stoves: catalytic, noncatalytic, and hybrid. Catalytic wooden stoves are extra acceptable for owners who’re searching for sustained in a single day burns and utilizing the wooden range for a main warmth supply. Noncatalytic wooden stoves work properly for supplemental heating or occasional use. A hybrid wooden range provides a cleaner burn than a noncatalytic range because of a secondary combustion chamber with a catalytic combustor. Every wooden range kind is mentioned in additional element in a bit beneath.

Range Materials

The general worth of a wooden range hinges on the fabric. Usually made from forged iron or chrome steel, freestanding wood-burning stoves radiate warmth evenly, with the cast-iron possibility in a position to maintain warmth for longer. There may be minimal distinction between the 2 supplies, other than private choice, price, and design aesthetics. Forged-iron wooden stoves can be found in numerous colours with an enamel end, whereas metal stoves are nearly all the time black with a easy design. Forged-iron wooden stoves price about 20 p.c to 30 p.c greater than metal stoves. Additionally accessible are cast-iron stoves with soapstone panels, which have the power to launch warmth slowly for a lot of hours after the fireplace has been extinguished.

Range Model

Particular person manufacturers of wooden stoves will vary in worth, whereas the set up prices will stay the identical. Beneath are some well-liked manufacturers of wooden stoves and their common costs.

  • Jøtul wooden stoves. Jøtul wooden stoves have been made in Norway since 1853. The corporate has a big choice of energy-efficient, clean-burning wooden stoves in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and kinds. These stoves price from $1,000 to $3,700.
  • Unforgettable Hearth wooden stoves. Unforgettable Hearth makes small wooden stoves for cabins, tiny homes, yurts, and RV conversions and for supplemental heating for a conventional dwelling. These wooden stoves run from $4,800 to $5,200.
  • Lopi wooden stoves. With metal or cast-iron choices, Lopi stoves ship convective and radiant warmth to heat each room in the home. Accessible on all Lopi wooden stoves is the corporate’s GreenStart igniter button, which eliminates the necessity for matches and newspaper to begin a fireplace. With the push of a button, the ignitor begins and the compressor forces heated air into the firebox for a fast and simple fireplace. Lopi wooden stoves price from $900 to $1,500.
  • Blaze King wooden stoves. Blaze King wooden stoves boast as much as 40 hours of burn time, relying on the range mannequin, and so they use 30 p.c much less wooden than their opponents with their distinctive burn system. These wooden stoves run from $2,200 to $4,000.
  • Woodstock Soapstone wooden stoves. At its New Hampshire manufacturing facility, Woodstock Soapstone is targeted on high quality wooden stoves, not amount. The corporate makes hybrid wooden stoves with a cast-iron and soapstone cooktop, catalytic cast-iron stoves in a wide range of hues, and clean-burning stoves with the radiating properties of soapstone. Owners ought to count on to pay between $2,400 to $4,300 for a Woodstock Soapstone wooden range.
  • Vermont Castings wooden stoves. Vermont Castings makes cast-iron wooden stoves with a furniture-quality end. Owners can select from catalytic, noncatalytic, and FlexBurn choices (which burn with or and not using a catalyst for added effectivity). These wooden stoves price between $1,200 and $3,600.

Heating Capability

A wooden range’s heating capability controls how a lot house it could possibly warmth. Probably the most budget-friendly wooden stoves are small, noncatalytic chrome steel choices, that are good at heating small areas. Catalytic cast-iron wooden stoves that warmth bigger areas are sometimes the costliest. Beneath are the common prices of wood-burning stoves based mostly on the heating capability.

Heating CapabilityBTUsCommon Price
1,000 sq. toes24,000 to 54,000$1,500
2,000 sq. toes28,000 to 94,000$2,300
3,000 sq. toes38,400 to 152,000$2,700

Chimney and Liner Set up

Chimneys have precise specs to go constructing codes and security necessities. They have to prolong no less than 3 toes above the floor of a roof, 2 toes above something that’s inside 10 toes of them, and three toes above the roof’s peak. If a chimney extends greater than 5 toes above the roof, it should want a roof bracket for elevated stability. A chimney cap, or a Class A termination cap, must be put in above the minimal peak extension to stop birds from entering into the chimney. Exterior chimneys produce extra creosote, so inside chimneys are sometimes most well-liked, if potential. Chimney pipes should not have any greater than two elbows, because the bends inhibit drafts. The price to construct a 15-foot chimney ranges from $900 to $3,000, whereas the price of a chimney rebuild is between $1,000 and $5,000.

Chimney liners might help forestall soot and creosote buildup, which is usually a fireplace hazard. The price to put in a chimney liner ranges from $625 to $7,000, with many householders spending about $2,500. Aluminum and clay liners are essentially the most budget-friendly choices, in comparison with thermocrete or ceramic.

Range Pipe Set up

Additionally known as an inside flue or black pipe, the range pipe is the interior air flow system that connects a wood-burning range to the chimney. Range pipes will be single- or double-wall, or 22- or 24-gauge, pipes. If a wooden range is put in in a room with a vaulted or cathedral ceiling and greater than 8 toes of range pipe is required, a double-wall range pipe is advisable. Double-wall range pipes present further insulation and may preserve the combustion gases at a scorching sufficient temperature to vent up and out of the home through the use of the pure draft.

Wooden range pipes price from $100 to $550 for set up, relying on the design and size of the pipe. The longer the pipe, the dearer the set up and supplies.

Set up Location

The price to put in a wooden range varies because of the set up location and design. For a chimney +that’s put in alongside an exterior wall, the prices can run between $2,300 and $3,200. If the chimney must be run by means of a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, it could possibly price from $1,800 to $2,100. When a chimney is run up by means of a second ground or attic, the associated fee ranges from $2,400 to $3,300.


The labor pricing to put in a wooden range ranges from $250 to $800, relying on the complexity of the set up. Some wooden range professionals might embody chimney building, range becoming, range pipe, fireplace pad, and air flow system with the labor prices, however others might cost set up costs for this stuff individually. It’s all the time a good suggestion to ask what’s included within the labor worth. Labor costs may fluctuate on account of geographic location, since contractors based mostly in densely populated city areas sometimes cost extra for labor than in rural places.

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The permits to put in a wooden range sometimes price from $50 to $250. The wooden range professionals who set up the wooden range will normally get the permits, nevertheless it’s advisable that owners verify with them to keep away from misunderstandings.

Wood Stove Installation Cost


Extra Prices and Issues

When owners are budgeting for wooden range set up price, it’s useful for them to have all the data that’s accessible relating to further prices and concerns. Some elements that may affect the general price are the pricing for a freestanding range versus a hearth insert, a wood-burning versus pellet range, fuel fire conversion price, further customizations, tax credit, and accessible rebates.

Freestanding Range vs. Fire Insert 

The price of a freestanding wooden range set up is usually greater than the price of a hearth rework for an insert, since a wooden range requires further objects, similar to a range pipe and protecting supplies across the unit. Freestanding stoves radiate warmth far more effectively than inserts, because the bigger floor space of the complete range is uncovered. A fire insert is a fireproof field that’s put in inside an present fire. Produced from insulated glass and steel, the insert is far more environment friendly at heating a room than an open fire, because it makes use of a closed combustion system and fireplaces lose a lot of their warmth up the chimney.

Fire inserts sometimes price between $700 and $6,500, relying on the insert kind. Labor pricing is set by the gasoline supply of the insert, whether or not it’s wooden, fuel, pellet, or electrical. An alternative choice for a wood-burning fire is to remodel it right into a extra environment friendly warmth supply with a wooden range set up package. Beneath are the common prices for several types of fire inserts.

Fire InsertCommon PriceCommon Labor PriceWhole Price
Wooden$800 to $4,500$2,180$3,080 to $6,680
Fuel$800 to $4,500$1,500$2,300 to $6,000
Pellet$1,500 to $5,000$525$2,025 to $5,525
Electrical$200 to $1,500$225$425 to $1,725

Wooden-Burning vs. Pellet

Wooden stoves price between $325 and $4,000, whereas pellet stoves price from $1,000 to $3,100. Pellet stoves are essentially the most budget-friendly for set up prices, since they are often direct-vented with out using a dear chimney or flue. As an alternative of burning wooden, they burn clear pellet gasoline, which may price $20 extra monthly than wooden.

Fuel Fire Conversion

If a fuel fire has a chimney flue, the associated fee to transform it to a wood-burning range is between $100 and $300. Components that may enhance the worth are masonry work, chimney building or substitute, and repairs to the fireside. Changing a fuel fire could make it 60 p.c to 80 p.c extra environment friendly when heating a house. Beneath are some potential prices when changing a fuel fire to a wooden range, together with labor.

  • Price to construct a 15-foot chimney: $900 to $3,000
  • Flue or chimney liner set up: $625 to $7,000
  • Fire repairs: $177 to $933
  • Labor price for masonry work: $40 to $75 per hour


When putting in one of many finest wooden stoves of their dwelling, owners can select to customise some options of the range or surrounding space. A fireplace is required for wooden range set up as a result of it gives a protecting barrier between the range and the ground. Usually created from concrete with the choice of slate, granite, marble, brick, or limestone on the highest, the fireside sits underneath the range and the range pipe and is a noncombustible base. The common fireplace dimension is 3 toes by 3 toes, however the pad should prolong a minimal of 18 inches from the entrance doorways, underneath any horizontal run of the range pipe, and eight inches across the sides. The price of putting in a fire pad ranges from $200 to $500, relying on the fabric.

Tax Credit and Rebates

For owners who set up a biomass (pellet) range that’s no less than 75 p.c environment friendly, the federal authorities provides a Residential Power Credit score of $300 for the set up and value of the range. Some states additionally supply a rebate of as much as $5,000 when owners exchange an previous wooden range with one licensed by the EPA (Environmental Safety Company).

Wood Stove Installation Cost


Kinds of Wooden Stoves

When deciding on a wooden range for his or her dwelling, owners have to determine between catalytic, noncatalytic, or a hybrid range. Noncatalytic wooden stoves are usually cheaper, however every kind has its personal benefits, worth factors, and options.


Catalytic wooden stoves entice and recycle particles and smoke in a chamber the place they burn at a a lot decrease temperature to extend the effectivity of the range. This reduces carbon emissions and produces a decrease particulate output in addition to significantly much less creosote buildup. A catalytic range is taken into account essentially the most environment friendly kind of wooden range, with 72 p.c thermal effectivity in comparison with 63 p.c for a noncatalytic range. The catalytic combustor wants common cleansing and sometimes lasts six or seven heating seasons earlier than needing substitute at a price of $100 to $400. These kinds of wooden stoves are finest used as a main warmth supply and value from $1,700 to $4,400, on common.


Noncatalytic wooden stoves are cheaper than catalytic stoves at a price between $400 and $2,900. Whereas noncatalytic stoves are thought-about simpler to ignite, they often have problem reaching the 1,000 levels Fahrenheit required for the smoke within the secondary chamber to ignite. For that reason, these wooden stoves are sometimes advisable as a supplemental warmth supply. Additionally they want extra gasoline to supply the identical quantity of warmth as catalytic stoves, and so they launch extra particulate matter into the air.

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A hybrid wooden range makes use of a secondary combustion chamber with a catalytic combustor for a cleaner burn than a noncatalytic range.

Wood Stove Installation Cost


Advantages of Wooden Range Set up

There are a lot of causes to decide on a wooden range over a conventional fire. The power to supply far more warmth in an environment friendly method is the everyday profit that many householders acknowledge, however there are a couple of others to think about as properly.

Excessive Warmth Output

One of the important advantages of utilizing a wooden range is the excessive warmth output. The radiant warmth from a wooden range warms the encircling space a lot sooner than a conventional furnace or open fire. The steel building of a wooden range absorbs the warmth from the fireplace and radiates it outward, holding a house heat and comfortable.

Power Effectivity

Trendy wood-burning stoves are extremely environment friendly, since wooden range producers want to fulfill strict emissions laws. Open fireplaces run at roughly 10 p.c effectivity, as nearly all of the warmth produced in a hearth escapes up and out of the chimney. A wooden range releases fewer emissions and produces extra warmth with longer-lasting fires than a hearth.

Low Emissions

In contrast with a furnace, which makes use of pure fuel, coal, or propane and emits some particulates into the air, a contemporary wooden range reduces the variety of particulates that get launched into the air. By burning off the combustion gases contained in the range, a wooden range can generate much more warmth, and fewer emissions are launched into the ambiance.

No Electrical energy Requirement

Not like pellet stoves or electrical fireplaces and furnaces, wooden stoves don’t want electrical energy to work. Owners will be assured their dwelling will likely be heat and comfy throughout an influence outage through the chilly winter months.


Putting in a wooden range in a storage or every other location in a house the place there’s an space to run a range pipe gives distinctive versatility. Some owners want to put in a couple of well-placed wooden stoves of their dwelling and forego a conventional furnace.

Wood Stove Installation Cost


Wooden Range Set up: DIY vs. Hiring a Skilled 

Whereas it might be tempting for owners to lookup learn how to set up a wooden range and comply with a wooden range set up diagram on their very own, it is a undertaking finest left to the professionals. Putting in a wooden range as a DIY undertaking can run the chance of a home fireplace, carbon monoxide poisoning from an ill-fitting range, or different harm to the house. Hiring professionals who know learn how to set up wooden range equipment can assure a very good match, a correct chimney construct, and range pipe location. Wooden range professionals additionally know the native legal guidelines, laws, and constructing codes relating to wood-burning home equipment within the dwelling. Some areas have banned wood-burning stoves, and different places have restrictions on when a wooden range can be utilized based mostly on air high quality restrictions. It’s all the time finest for owners to contact a neighborhood contractor and focus on wooden range choices.

Tips on how to Save Cash on Wooden Range Set up Price

Owners wanting to save cash on wooden range set up price might merely go for the most affordable unit, however there are different methods to avoid wasting with out compromising on high quality. Beneath are some ideas to assist save on set up prices.

  • Keep away from used wooden stoves. Shopping for a brand new wooden range with an EPA certification will make sure the range is environment friendly and can use much less gasoline.
  • Take into account the dimensions. If a wooden range is just too small, it received’t correctly heat a house. If it’s too massive, it is going to be underfired, which can create speedy creosote buildup and cut back its effectivity. An expert wooden range set up firm can suggest the perfect range dimension to your dwelling.
  • Rent an skilled professional. A wooden range skilled will find out about correct venting and placement to create an enough draft. When a wooden range is correctly put in, the fireplace will burn effectively and produce extra usable warmth.
  • Store round. Get no less than three estimates from respected wooden range professionals in your space so you recognize what your choices are and may match them to your finances.
  • Use the best kind of wooden. Owners might imagine that purchasing a moist wire of wooden at a diminished worth might lower your expenses, however moist wooden is troublesome to begin and gradual to burn, creating minimal usable warmth.

Inquiries to Ask About Wooden Range Set up

Asking a wooden range skilled about wooden range set up price might help owners lower your expenses and keep away from miscommunication. Beneath are some inquiries to ask about wooden stoves and the set up course of.

  • What expertise do you’ve gotten putting in wooden stoves?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you’ve gotten references?
  • Are you able to present examples of prior wooden range installations?
  • Do you present free estimates?
  • How a lot is it to put in a wooden range?
  • Do you’ve gotten any wooden range security ideas?
  • Do you rent subcontractors at any level through the wooden range set up course of?
  • What are the native constructing codes, laws, and legal guidelines in my space for wooden stoves?
  • Will you get the required permits for set up?
  • How lengthy will the wooden range set up take?
  • Who will set up the wooden range?
  • Do you present every other providers associated to wooden stoves?
  • What warranties or ensures do you present on labor and supplies?
  • How can I depart a overview?


Earlier than owners determine on the best wooden range for his or her dwelling, it’s useful for them to have all of the details about wooden stoves and the set up course of. Beneath are some regularly requested questions that may assist in the decision-making course of.

Q. What’s a wooden range catalytic converter?

Simply as a catalytic converter in a automotive reduces airborne pollution by turning dangerous emissions into much less dangerous gases, a catalytic converter in a wooden range traps particulates and combustion gases and burns them at a decrease temperature. This will increase a wooden range’s effectivity and cuts down on carbon emissions.

Q. Is it authorized to make use of a wooden range as your main supply of heating?

Sure, it’s authorized to make use of a wooden range as a main warmth supply, so long as it’s permitted in your space. Past the allowing points, if a wooden range is giant sufficient to emit the quantity of warmth wanted for an in a single day burn, it may be a main warmth supply.

Q. Can I set up a wooden range on my own?

Putting in a wooden range by yourself is rarely advisable. To keep away from potential risks, similar to a home fireplace, carbon monoxide poisoning, or different private accidents, owners are suggested to rent knowledgeable for the set up course of.

Q. How do I enhance the effectivity of a wooden range?

To enhance the effectivity of a wooden range, it’s vital to maintain the chimney clear, pay annual chimney inspection prices, preserve the set up location on the middle of the home, and make sure the chimney is the best dimension. Owners are additionally suggested to make use of dry wooden, gentle the fireplace correctly, and take a look at to make sure the within temperature of the house is hotter than the surface temperature to make sure a very good draft.

Q. What kind of chimney do I would like for my wooden range?

A wooden range requires using a Class A chimney pipe. Generally known as an insulated, double- or triple-wall, or all-fuel pipe, the sort of chimney is used to vent the excessive temperature exhaust that’s created by a wood-burning range. The chimney pipe isn’t the identical because the range pipe; the latter is positioned inside the house and vents the wooden range to the surface of the house, the place the chimney takes over.

Q. How lengthy does a wooden range set up take?

A wooden range can take lower than a day to put in, however the set up time relies on the range kind and what number of execs are engaged on the job.

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